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Put funny webpage translator to your page! :)

During yesterday, the most recent developments adding to the site. On the editor box you can see the last tab named CSS3. You can be found here the css3 code generation properties. They can be: gradient background, rotate elements with css code, rounding element's box corners, inner- outer- , box shadow, text shadow. Because this properties standard naming not fully supported in all browsers, the manual coding is very confused with it. But with the property editor you can change this values with sliders and buttons.

Please try it in Firefox 6 yet! Really going to like!

If you use an italic style  Google Webfont for example Muli lightitalic, you can set the font style to italic in css rule! This property is not important in most browser except Chrome. Chrome not use the font, only if we set the font style in rule!

In Google Chrome browser the font smoothing (antialias) not perfect.
If we comprare (clearly show the difference in larger font size), the difference is very big compared to Firefox and Explorer browsers

New function on "": live editable css3 button maker micro program.
Button Designer


This button is made only with css3!

The newest browsers support the used practices.

You can maybe start try with them.

Old browsers like IE6 and IE7 unfortunatelly still in used and non-standard display modes of these cause problems. For example the page fall to pieces or elements sliding each other. Sometimes the only way is the css hack.

The total space required by one html element is specifiable with addition of width, padding, border and margin width.

Element width=width+padding*2+border-width*2
Total space=width+padding*2+border-width*2+margin*2

The calculation of height is the same but with height values.

The is an online, free and WYSWYG stylesheet editing application, now completed with css3 generator tab. With css3 generator you can set background gradients, box shadow, text shadow, text rotation, border radius values with simple sliders.

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